Practice makes perfect

A mentor once told me that if I was going to write, I needed to practice by simply writing all the time about anything. Of all the things I learned in doing graduate work the most important thing was the power of feedback. So, I reason that a blog which is subject to public scrutiny and is a medium in which it is customary to practice writing has the two most imporant aspects I need to act on the advice of my mentor. I hope that this becomes a place where the ideas that are important to me are refined, tested and moved to a place of value in discussions that move beyond my own musings. I therefore launch into this world which for me is both unknown and uncharted.

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  1. Ray I have a picture of an old Indian in my office that says Good Judgment comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgment. Another of my favorites is before you can be young and wise you first have to be young and stupid. What I have observed is that to many managers are afraid of letting there people make mistakes. To paraphrase Robert Thomson in Up the Organization Your employee’s and children need a shot at greatness. This won’t happen if you stomp on them every time they make a mistake. Or if they are intimidated into not trying. Failure is not the unforgivable sin. Not trying is the sin you will never forgive your self for. I believe that Employer’s and Parents should always encourage well thought out risk taking and should help guide the decision process toward making a planned risk. Realizing that failure is a normal part of life and that accepting that truth an learning from it is very liberating.

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