About Raymond L Wheeler, DMin

I use my retirement to befriend leaders. I know first hand the joys, sorrows, crises, successes, and failures of people. More importantly, I realized that how I led and how they led made a significant difference in whether people discovered purpose and meaning in life and work.

I became intrigued with the power of good leaders and the devastation engendered in mediocre and bad leaders. So, I shifted my focus during my mid-career graduate program to look at leadership in every venue in which people work. The focus has taken me into different industries to learn and test what I observed about leaders.IMG_7579

I became an executive coach and leadership development, specialist. I have conducted social research for large and small organizations designed to explain why certain behaviors routinely occurred. I work with leaders in business and the non-profit world. Being in these different settings confirms how important it is to employee morale/engagement and organizational outputs to have good leadership.  I enjoy helping women and men leverage their strengths, discover the power of spirituality, expand their leadership capacity, and exercise awareness of how their personal style impacts those around them.

Janice and I enjoy the cumulative wonder of 47 years of marriage and the delight of a growing number of grandchildren.  One of our delights is playing host to Air BnB guests and to the friends who come to enjoy time with us as well as the gorgeous view. 

To talk about, keynote addresses, consultation, adjunct work, training seminars, or coaching, contact me at ray@raywheeler.com. I am available to intensives or seminars worldwide. 

For more information see http://www.linkedin.com/in/drraywheeler.

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  1. Found you as I was researching for a presentation I’m doing on mentoring. Glad I did. I’m also a Grip-Birkman coach. Love leading others through that process. Look forward to reading more of your posts.

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