‘I knew you’d be good, but this was amazing! Thank you, for investing in our team.’

     Michael Fields
, Pasadena Campus Pastor, Fellowship Monrovia, California.

“Ray Wheeler and I have been friends in ministry for over 25 years.  Ray is an exceptionally gifted leader and communicator.  He is well organized and has a great sense of humor…He is constantly learning and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table when he is asked to do training or consultation.  I highly recommend Ray Wheeler to you and would be happy to answer any further questions you might have.” 

     Scott Hines, Pastor, Klamath Christian Center, Klamath Falls, Oregon. 

“I have known Ray for over fifteen years, first as a colleague, later as a friend, and now as a dear friend and trusted peer mentor. I know Ray to be warm and approachable, always exhibiting a sense of humor. He is multi-talented and gifted with high motivation and high ethical standards. Ray demands a lot of himself in integrity and purpose, and he requires that of those he encounters. The more you get to know Ray, the more you realize he has a deep and lasting impact on your life, and he leaves you no neutral ground to retire to. Ray will not let you hide from your issues. Ray has an impact, and it is not merely programmatic or academic brilliance. Ray impacts with his life, and he will change yours if you are open to a dynamic relationship with him. I recommend him to you highly.”

Bill Klieselhorst, MA, Missionary/Consultant. Gresham, Oregon

“As a measure of feedback I want to let you know that I value our time very much. Each time I walk away with a clearer sense of direction and focus.

Matt Parker, CEO of The Exodus Road

“The coaching brought me to a new level of clarity (defining primary goals) and confidence (a sense that I can actually do this).”

Maureen Beith, CEO Mt. San Antonio Gardens, Claremont, California.

“Ray has personally assisted me in articulating my vision for the hospital and developing tools to assist in the processes to ensure our success. I recommend Ray as a highly-skilled professional who brings many talents to assist organizations with their on-going growth and development.”

     Dan Bowers, CEO JFK Memorial Hospital

“Leadership Coaching with Ray (Dr. Ray Wheeler) has helped me to lead my team more effectively, relate to those around me better, launch organizations more strategically, and breakthrough my personal issues that were holding me back.”

     Buddy Rathmell, Founder, Stop Slavery

“Working with Ray provided focus and renewed confidence by helping me understand my aptitudes and also how to move productively through stress.”   
    David Brinegar, Brinegar Construction, Inc.

“Working with Ray was helpful in walking me through character-building, skill development, and goal setting. Ray was able to see pieces that were happening in my life and help me view the whole picture and how it relates to my leadership.” 

     Nick Laurenzana, Cadence International

“Ray is a detailed oriented, results-driven leader. He has the ability to develop key metrics and move change through your organization while achieving strategic objectives. As a strategic leader/consultant, he is great at collecting competitive industry analysis, bringing unique insights to that analysis, and turning that analysis into a realistic strategic plan that meets tangible corporate objectives.”

     Chuck Horn, President, Bertolini Inc

“I recommend Dr. Ray Wheeler for the simple reason he helped me see that I was so caught up in the routine of my business I had failed to pull back and see what was going on around me.  Ray helped me see how my deficiencies in leadership had created some of the patterns of dysfunction I asked him to help me fix.  He helped me own the problem and then worked with me to see how to address it.  Ray definitely knows his stuff.  More importantly, I was helped to understand leadership theory in a language I could apply.  I can give this recommendation without hesitation, feel free to call me.”

     Lance Lesueur, Owner, Midland Empire Insurance
     (541) 882-3471

“I’ve been stuck for a long time, trying to get all of the conversations in my head going the right direction. As a sole owner, I’ve been wearing every hat there is to wear, owning, and running my business. I realized I needed outside help to get focused on working on the business, instead of just working in the business. You have really come along at the right time…using the Birkman Method to evaluate my natural and preferred abilities to determine the way I work best…helped me realize what things I need to leave up to others and stop letting those things control me. I can move forward now with my business plans, with confidence….able to rely on you and the Birkman to help identify and manage the right kind of people for our business.  Thank you again for your help.”

     Ed Ellingsen, CIC, President Nasburg & Company Insurance

“Dr. Ray Wheeler has been and a pivotal part of my development and maturation as a person providing me specific skills and behaviors to improve in and develop. My organization has good leaders but few who have such an extensive knowledge of leadership theory and practice.”  

     Mark Wilson, Cadence International

“Ray has helped our company in making many important decisions. Our company is currently in a very transitional time, with employees and growing and his assistance was just what we needed.”

     Bernice Lesueur, Midland Empire Insurance

“Ray Wheeler is a leader of leaders. He can help you make wise decisions. Ray’s gift is to offer clear instructions to leaders who are willing to confront head-on problems that seem too difficult to address. Ray brings light into murky situations and wisdom into golden opportunities that are just too glorious to miss.” 

     Sarah Sumner, M.B.A., Ph.D.  Author, Leadership Consultant

“Ray is an extremely helpful and knowledgeable coach who knows his stuff! Through his assessments and follow-ups he has helped me to see what my strengths truly are and how I can best contribute to an organization. I always walk away from our coaching sessions uplifted and energized by the new insight I have into myself. This is helping me to develop a clearer game plan for my career and business! I highly recommend Ray!”

     Chuck Wilson, Green Gorilla Marketing

“I first met Ray over six years ago and have sought him as a mentor for the better part of the last three.  Few others possess his level of candor, insight, and passion…command of industrial psychology, comprehensive knowledge of contemporary, functional structures, and strategic insights….   Ray is a provocative thinker who searches diligently for new approaches and solutions.  His commitment, reputation, and consistency are impeccable.  Ray’s devotion to Christ, strength of character, and ministerial successes have prompted me to write…he is a solid leader, and count it a privilege to call him my friend.”

Dennis Bachman, Director, ViaCordis

“Ray is a pleasant and mentally stimulating person with great knowledge in his field.  His preparation for our coaching sessions has shown me a man of character, diligence, and honest concern for my success.  His professional yet personal approach puts a sense of dignity into each encounter. He is sensitive to the uniqueness of particular situations and does not try some “one size fits all” or “band-aid approach.”   He listens and evaluates, he offers suggestions without being the answer. I always feel hopeful yet challenged, encouraged but envisioned for the challenge of a preferable future.” 

Larry Kapchinsky, Pastor Emeritus, Granite Creek Community Church, Claremont, California.  www.granitecreek.org