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Independent Board of Directors

Ray serves as an independent director (also sometimes known as an outside director) is a member of a board of directors who does not have a material or pecuniary relationship with company or related persons, except sitting fees. He has served on a variety of boards (religious non-profit, hospital, hospitality training, and NGO). Ray brings a strong leadership and organizational development perspective to established boards and a dynamic governance development perspective to newly formed boards. Ray only considers board engagements where the organization has a clear vision of building value with strong Corporate Social Responsibility economically, environmentally, philanthropically, and ethically.


Ray helps leaders thrive in a rapidly changing world. Have you wondered what a post-pandemic world looks like? Today’s challenges require more explorers than visionary leaders because times of adaptive change throw the assumptions and definition of leadership over on its head. Sometimes, one needs an outsider to reflect with, refocus, or listen and understand.

Leadership Development Seminars

Are you looking for ways to develop leaders you may have missed before? Has the COVID-19 pandemic and heightened social justice awareness caused you to question your assumptions about leadership in your organization? Do you wish you had outside support to inspire and challenge your team, congregation, or workgroup toward a new way of thinking? Dr. Ray Wheeler is an engaging and humorous partner in developing leaders. His research into how complex organizations develop leaders or repress them sees the realities of bias and possibility. He doesn’t work with quick fixes or out of the box material. He works with you to design a powerful and effective leadership development process or seminar.

Sunday Morning Service(s)

Are you looking for someone who can support the spiritual formation of your congregation? Do you plan breaks in your own teaching schedule to (a) take advantage of some rest time and (b) provide quality food for thought and action? Prophetic, compassionate, insightful, and hilarious are ways Ray has been described. His pastor’s heart and experience give him believability and transparency with pastors and congregations alike. He has spoken around the globe to leaders in ministry with the same result, the way people see their world changes.


Are you looking for a speaker that can sharpen the perspective, engage the experience, and synthesize the faith and context of your men and women? Ray’s diverse and successful experience in business and pastoral ministry gives him a unique ability to speak to the heart of leaders. More than one audience has discovered new and pointed insights while they laughed at one of his many stories. He has spoken for the National Association of Women Business Owners, California Staffing Professionals, Professional Coaches Mentors and Advisors, church staff retreats, executive retreats, youth retreats, and other venues. Ray is a great choice.