Leadership Takes Agility, Responsiveness & Commitment to Learning

OchoaMexico’s goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa illustrates the idea of skill and behavioral repertoire in leadership. Leaders can’t just use the same “play” over and over expecting to generate great results.
In the first half of play against Brazil in the World Cup competition the camera caught the breadth of his ability.
Like Ochoa, leaders must to keep their head and heart in the game – they have to learn new skills and exercise a growing self-discipline.  If they learn and exercise self-discipline their ability to respond to a changing situational dynamic, changing team-mate responses, and the competition grows.  If your leadership looks something like this photo you will experience more wins than losses. On the other hand if you thought leadership was the attainment of a position, power, or prestige you might find yourself flat-footed when you need to be nimble. How is your leadership development growing?

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  1. What a great picture, and great connect with leadership. Not many places the ball would get through Ochoa. I like the connection with Mexico also. Our compadres in Latin America are doing well so far though in the World Cup. Nice to see since we know so many from those countries. Still pulling for the USA though.

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